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Online Marketing Strategy and A Step By Step System






By Mark Lloyd

In this post I’m going to show you a complete step by step process where I offer free resources and insights while I help you with free tips about better blogging, affiliate marketing, email marketing, life advice and how-to content for driving more traffic to your website. 

You’ll also figure out that I’ve included story based learning, from which I recommend that you learn as much as you can about the mindset and the strategies.

My goal is to put good people into good places, which is why I wan’t to support good things.

With that,

I believe my strategies will help you build an online business:



if you are willing to learn, I will teach

When I began to discover what the internet, social media and blockchain technology could contribute to the world, I just knew, the way of managing a business was forever changed. But you need to educate yourself to understand the potential otherwise you won’t know how to harvest from the opportunity. I created this eBook with the intention that it could become your guiding friend throughout the entire process of you learning how to implement online marketing in such a way that it generates passive income. If, however, you for some reason chose not to act, know that it will be more challenging to find a niche and set up a business online in the future, as this information becomes mainstream. So, I really encourage you to grasp the eye-opening opportunities and implicate the information provided as we continue to build your foundation of knowledge.




One’s act, One’s Profit


I welcome you folks! Would you like to learn how to create your own business online?” If so, this eBook will, step by step, guide you through the process of marketing your product. By reading “The Way of Online Marketing”, and by applying the valuable tools presented in this eBook in whatever business that you may want to start, you will accelerate your learning curve, and become better equipped on handling the different tasks that will present itself along the way on your journey to a lifestyle of passive income, through digital marketing. But before I begin to delve into the topic, I ask you; please treat this eBook respectfully. It took me a long time to produce. Having a full-time job while writing this eBook and creating my own business at the same time can, as you can imagine, be energy- and time consuming. I choose to share my information in the belief, that it somehow has the potential to impact your way of thinking and your life for the better as it did for me. Passive income is easier to achieve when you know how. However, whatever your beliefs might be, The Digital Era, will change the way we are doing business.


Use the meaningful phase of time, to understand the power of business relations and use the information to grow your income streams properly through insights and lessons.


In the following, I will show you how to use your creativity to create awareness around your business.

The Benefits Of The Ebook As A Marketing Tool

When you try to start your own business, there’s a lot of things you need to take into consideration to make it a success. One of those things, is your ability to market your product in such a way that you have the potential to attract attention through recognition, and as an eBook is a very inexpensive way to reach a big audience, it’s a serious contender in the world of online business and not something that one should take lightly. 

Another great thing about the eBook is the ability to add social sharing features that allow you to lead more traffic towards your website which increases the awareness of your brand, company and existent products as well as future product lines.

However, it’s not an easy road, as it requires a lot of preparation, hard work and a continues willpower to create your own online business. If, you are willing to invest the necessary time, I will do my best to guide you through the entire process, and you are always more than welcome to contact me on in the chat related to the topics.

Outlining Your Ebook Content

What is your purpose of your eBook? Do you want to draw the intention of your readers towards another product? And what can you offer your audience that makes your business valuable.

Ask yourself those questions before you begin to create the content for your eBook as it will help you determine the direction of your company, your objectives and your strategic missions.




While those are some examples that could be used, why not try to experiment with different topics, to see what works best for you and your audience.


In the following we will be going through the basics of an eBook, and what to consider before launch. But before you choose what’s right for you and your business, consider the pros and cons for eBooks vs. hard copies, as you will have a better understanding of why I think eBooks are better for marketing purposes.

Publishing A Hard Copy


Reading on paper may boost retention. 

Several small studies suggest that reading on paper instead of an electronic screen, could boost memory retention and focus. The Guardian reported on an experiment from Norway: people were given a short story to read either on a Kindle or in a paperback book; when they were quizzed later, those who read the paperback were more likely to remember plot points in the right order. 

“When you read on paper you can sense with your fingers a pile of pages on the left growing, and shrinking on the right,” the lead researcher, Anne Mangen, of Norway’s Stavanger University, told the Guardian. “You have the tactile sense of progress … Perhaps this somehow aids the reader, providing more fixity and solidity to the reader’s sense of unfolding and progress of the text, and hence the story.” 

Publishing An Ebook

benefits of an eBook


Ebooks help the visually impaired according to a study

Another reason for considering eBooks is that people with reading disorders can benefit from the ability to customize text and the spacing of lines. According to a study that was done in 2013, they found people with dyslexia, had an easier time reading eBooks compared to books because of the option to modify the formatting. 

Although the benefits can be seen in a variety of ways, there are also some drawbacks for those people who want to read before bedtime, as it decreases the production of melatonin, that in short, is a sleeping hormone. A study that was published in 2014 found that artificial light exposure from light-emitting e-readers, reduced the users’ ability to sleep, leading to adverse impact on health. 

Thus, there is some deciding to be made before publishing your first book. I do think the pros of writing an eBook far outweigh the cons. For instance, the ability to create an eBook and write seductive content if the market is changing, and the ability to almost earn 100% return on your products as your brand is being marketed, Is a very appealing strategy to me.


What Is (POD) Print On Demand

However, if you want a service that allows you to self-publish a PDF or an Adobe format, POD is the way to go. Your customers will be able to get a hard copy sent right to their door. You just upload your file format to the website, and the company who is responsible for the POD will take care of the rest. Just be aware of the costs as it will reduce your passive income over the long run.

Amazon Kindle Option


Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publish platform enables you to create a kindle version of your book, you just save your document as an HTML File instead of a word document, and you are ready to go. If you choose this option you will get paid 70 % in royalties of your revenue with Amazon, I know it’s not a 100 %, but in return, they will help you with the marketing, and they have a vast network of readers.

“The purpose of all businesses is to market your strengths.”


Even though I believe many will be using this eBook for firmness and repetition, it does not mean each of you will be applying the knowledge, in the same manner, and that’s the whole purpose. I want you to view the world differently, be creative, productive and explore. In addition, try to let the market tell you what it needs and as soon as an opportunity present itself, provide the information. You don’t need to worry or rush if you haven’t found your niche yet, It takes time, just be patient and when you have learned how to provide value, launch your product into the market…

Here’s how it works


CreateSpace takes care of all the book orders which means that you don’t need to spend time packaging or shipping books.

CreateSpace doesn’t print any of your books unless a book is ordered.

All this means that you don’t need to store inventory, and you have no upfront costs as books only get printed when ordered.

With Createspace, all sales go through Amazon which gives you access to approximately 2 million Amazon users.

Before discussing how to apply your knowledge, we will expand your foundation so you will become better equipped, to prosper in the world of online marketing. As such, we will talk about the planning process that happens before you begin to write and the tools you can make use of to keep your eBook in a well written structured manner.


If You Do What Is Easy, Your Life Will Be Hard


Why do people always say, go to school, get an education, work hard, and if you want to become rich, become a lawyer.

It’s the indoctrinated mindset that we’ve all been raised by, that keeps people from going beyond human potential.

Explore your creativity, be different and free your power.

It’s the ideas and ability to create value to others that will determine your income, but in order to drive home to the point of understanding, you have to release your mind from the idea that income comes from a job.

Learn as much as you can, and always have high expectations for yourself in whatever task life presents.

The Process Of Preparation 


A Japanese once told me a saying, “a red lacquer dish needs no decoration.” He ensured the soundness of simple beauty, and how it’s important for high achievements. If you want to keep it well structured, you need to learn to use a Mindmap. It is as simple as it is powerful.

The concept behind a Mindmap is that every time your brain triggers an idea you organize the information by drawing a set of lines. Doing this, allows you to visualize your information while having the option, to add headings and subheadings as you feel keen.



mind map
mind map



The image above shows a Mindmap in one of many variations, take a look at all the lines that are carefully drawn to the different headings and subheadings, so simple, yet very effective. This can be done using a software called MindMeister in which the basic membership includes three free Mindmaps, ready to use. But you have to pay attention to the details from the very beginning, as it will help you structure your eBook in a way that’s understandable for people without previous knowledge, in accordance to the subject, that they are reading.


How To Start Writing

“If you want it bad it enough, you must stay focused and connected to your work, even if it’s inconvenient and you want to throw your spirit away.” 


The thing is, most people give up on their dreams when they experience some setbacks in life. They begin to worry about things and question their abilities to achieve success. But the reality is that there is no perfect road and the only way you can keep focus, become driven and motivated is by learning to work around your brain when you get tired or demotivated. This is achievable.

Putting words on paper does not have to be hard. If you find it difficult just free your mind and write whatever you think. Afterwards, you can try to take a look at the words and see if you can use some of them to create a sentence. The reason is that it helps you to get things done – Sometimes, the only thing holding people back from achieving success is when they don’t let go of their “need” of doing things perfect. 

Eliminate Noise



Another thing you should do is to activate your brain’s “build in” Noise-canceling system from additional inputs by accepting, that to have complete focus, you don’t multi task. So why not shut the door, throw your phone out the window and clear your desk to remove all visual clutter from your workspace and have complete focus, as we build your skill set throughout the entire eBook.

Tools For Writing

The rational basis for being able to publish your eBook is, of course, some sort of a word processor. For this, I recommend using some proven and capable programs such as Microsoft Word, Pages for Mac, Google Docs, or Personally, my preference of choice is Microsoft Word, but try to experiment, play around and see what fits your taste and needs. You might have a different opinion.





As we touched upon, a Mindmap is a potent tool for keeping your headings and subheadings well structured. But in combination with a word processor, you enhance your workflow, as you will be able to transform your document into different sections in accordant to your Mindmap as you go along. Finally, when you are done, you can put your documents into a master file, that you can use for your final product.



If you are going to take advantage of the tips provided above and write your documents separately, here is a handy way to keep your documents in order.

You create a folder for all of your files on your computer and make sure your filenames are well-organized into your folder.

The demonstration below is an example of how I would manage my documents.

Create a folder on your computer, you could call it the name of your eBook. 


eBooks vs hard copies



All the listed sections from 2-6 should be placed into One folder on your computer as I did above. This helps to manage your content as you add on.


In the section below, I will try to emphasize the importance of making a layout that is visually pleasing to the eye and how you can accomplish the “wow” factor from your readers, just by applying some templates designs from your word processor. But before you even consider making a template, I strongly recommend that you use a new document for experimentation. Just in case, so you don’t have to think about making mistakes or that you somehow hit the wrong button and deleted valuable content.



Let’s move on… 

Creating A Template


Designing a template is actually easy, you don’t have to be technical, and you can just use your word processors build in function. Of course, if you have the skills or a willingness to spend some hours getting skilled, you can always add whipped cream on top, and use Adobe Photoshop editor, illustrator, and/or InDesign. 

In this book, I’ll focus on keeping things simple, if you haven’t worked in adobe’s various programs, I would have added at least 50 more pages. In the following, I will show you some basics things you will need to consider before moving forward.



What to include in the creation of your template 

As a reader, you want a memorable experience that makes you want to smile. So how are we going to deliver a product that is an easy read, pleasant to the eye and well written? well, you need to keep having attention to detail. 

To choose the design-settings for your eBook, you should consider how it will be to view, and on which devices it will be displayed.



Here are the settings I used for my eBook.


Exhbit 3 

Page Size: 8.5 x 11 in. Why? because those are the best size viewed on most computer screens and the intention of an eBook is to be viewed electronically. 

The font: Again keep it simple, our primary goal is to get as many people to read your eBooks as possible. We don’t want people to get a nervous breakdown because you wrote all your chapters with a font, that is tiny and almost unreadable. Times New Roman is okay, but it has been used so often in book reports and schools reports that I do recommend, that you experiment with other fonts, just to add some personality to your eBook.

You could try to use Arial or Helvetica, and see if one of those fits your taste, as these are also simple fonts by design.


Paragraph Styles and why it’s relevant to apply


Its functions allow you to customize both paragraph and fonts for different parts of your eBook such as Headings, subheading, bullets, captions and the body, you just have to enter your settings, and once registered, you can edit any text on your eBook with the preferred settings of choice, with the click of a button. I definitely recommend you using this function as it is a lot easier and less time consuming, as it saves your setting for further use.

“To get your readers attention, you have to learn how to combine all tools to your advantage even though if it’s only by a small margin. You need that edge that will help you stand out from the crowd.


You need to make your content look appealing; this is how.


I have always believed that every human being presses the ability to express them self in a unique way that makes their personalities stand out, you just have to be creative and find ways to express your emotion, your thoughts, and desires. As such, tweak the settings below in a way that makes your personality shine.

Guidelines for custom settings and should not be perceived as a strict set of rules. 


eBook settings content


Remember, most people will be reading your eBook on their computer screen, so a large font sizes help.

Always try to implement feelings or expressions in your way of writing, as it has a very powerful effect on the way your brain gets tickled. If you use the tools correctly and apply an appealing layout, you got a product that includes a part of your personality, and that is what makes a product unique.


Another writing technique I have been implementing in this eBook is Priming.

Priming is a memory effect where you get exposure to one stimulus in response to another stimulus which affect your perception and judgment.

Like when a word follows an associated word, that is not necessarily related. 

An example, when you get exposed to the word “road” after seeing the word “car” than after seeing the word “suitcase”.

In my case you could say: “If you a willing to learn, I will teach.” “Noise canceling system from unnecessary inputs.

Engaging People As Individuals


The better you are at listening, the more you are intriguing, and this more knowledge you can provide, the easier it becomes for people to make a connection. Second, if you have an audience, the fact that they can relate to you and feel your story makes your more authentic, so just be yourself, listen and don’t act as a judge as it’s better to work with the “Village” and not against it. Remember it’s all about balance. 


The saucepan with ingredients, to connect with the audience:




Knowledge    Entertainment   Connection   Distinction


Another thing to consider is the variation of the different personalities that might be in your audience and how you could address the customers with the products and services you sell.

It should be a mandatory part of your assessment to segment your audience as it helps you plan, the strategic missions of your company and create personalized content for different audience segments. One way to do this is through a curriculum, this will help your audience identify their skill level, and which content of yours that would be of most interest to them.

But before you can make a proper assessment, let’s take a look at some criteria that you could ask yourself.



Setting up clear guidelines can help you create better content, deliver a better product, and scale down your niche. But you will also be more capable at pint pointing your information in relevance to the audience, and able to play with words, which makes the audience sit on the edge of their seat, while the messages go right to their heart.

Tools For Targeting Your Audience With Clinical Precision

While you have the opportunity to analyze the market by interacting on different kind forums, you do also have the option to use Google trends.

Google trends are designed for people who need more information about which products, events, and services that matter the most to your audience. In other words, it shows you the topics that a been searched the most. But there is also another thing to consider. The younger generations view technology differently. They are more engaged, committed, and seek to social media for information. So, I sincerely believe that it’s very prudent to include YouTube as a part of your marketing strategy as the world of doing business is in progress of change. 

What a lot of people don’t know is, that Google trends search includes, top regions, cities, and YouTube trends. It helps you understand what people are searching for and which keywords, are used the most. But what is more interesting, is that YouTube has proven itself to be a heavyweight in the world of online marketing, and that is something the younger generation gets. They know they can go to YouTube and find tutorials or “how to” videos, so why not take advantage of it and be a part of the early adopters, before the online way of doing business, becomes mainstream.

Emotional Intelligence Can Help Peak Results


Become A Member Of The Limited Few

Only a few percent of the world’s population are consistent and fight through whatever they face, by having the dedication and discipline to carry a plan out from A-Z

To make your dreams magnetic, you must eat, sleep and behave differently, a lifestyle that the majority of people, simply just don’t buy into.

This is why surrounding yourself with executors will help you achieve your goals, and by remembering, that no one wins all the time, no matter how much they deserve it.

Survey Monkey


Second, there’s a tool that enables you to make a survey form, in which it can be sent to an entire group of people. Survey Monkey collects the information in an easy and well-thought manner, and when it’s collected, the data can be used to target an audience more efficiently as you will be able to adjust your content, so it provides the information your audience seeks. In the following, I have included some useful tips, for those who are interested.

Third, don’t forget to use the search tool at It’s straightforward to find great reviews and you can narrow your search topic in accordance with your niche.


How To Use The E-book To Market Your Company through Social Sharing 

Branding has always been considered a very important part of marketing, so why would you not use the Header and Footer for such purposes? This is where it gets a little tricky. The eBook represents your brand, and of course, you should include your website, phone number, contact information or even logos. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be in the traditional way of doing things. 

As the world is becoming more and more digitalized, I do believe people shouldn’t overlook the importance of including social sharing links within your eBook for sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Google+, as it is a very effective way of branding your company through social media. In addition, you could add social sharing links to the Header or Footer as they will be displayed on every page of your eBook, and you are able to set up links, that redirect readers to your website.

For more information, click below. 



How To Create FOMO Around Your Product. 

The fear of missing out can be another very useful way of marketing, as you target people’s psyche. If you haven’t tried to look at a candlestick chart, you have something to look forward to. In the beginning, you are tense, excited and even nervous, at least if you have money on the table.

But as you become more confident in your abilities in the world of investing you care less about swings in the market and you are able to withstand seeing your balance go up and down in a daily basis. In other words, you don’t chase the market, and you only swing/buy when the odds are in your favor. Those same principles can be applied to your marketing strategy.

And this is how you can take advantage of consumer psychology by creating urgency around your product and let the FOMO effect tingle in their entire body just to trigger the inner battle of a consumer.

The method should be used to increase the sales of your product and to promote your brand.



You could potentially launch your product with a picture “If you share this message with 50 people within an hour, you will get one product for free,” presenting people with the picture of a product, creating a FOMO effect. Another great benefit of applying this strategy is that your product and brand gets marketed by all your customers, which in return increases your companies visibility on the global market.

It is important to mention that the “Fomo” strategy should be implemented correctly. If not, your costumers, clients, etc. Might see your attempt as manipulative and alienating. Which, of course, will not carry the results one would have hoped.   

Paid Marketing



Google AdWords is an online advertising service that helps payers, put content at the top of google search function when sudden keywords are added.

If you don’t mind paying for marketing, Google AdWords is an effective tool in targeting internet users, as long-tailed keywords will get displayed and have the ability to put you in front of other people’s websites. But you need to be very specific with your product, in order to get the highest yield out of this function. If you fail to narrow your keywords into very particular words, your product will be like finding a needle in a haystack, which means you won’t sell anything.


As we all know, Facebook has become a major player in the world of online marketing, as companies are able to narrow down their targeting. Let’s say you have a niche and you sell baseball equipment. Because Facebook has been able to collect data on a large scale, you can simply say that you want to advertise to people who are a member of a baseball club. This helps you target your niche even though you almost no prior research did, before targeting your advertising to a select few.

Private advertising

If you want to make an offer about private advertising, contact the admin or support-team of the website you are interested in, and ask if they have any advertising options. It’s not guaranteed that they have any options available but you might be able to make a deal, in which they can make a banner in return for a fee.

Animation And YouTube

Level Up Your Marketing, By Animating Your Message

 Why not animate your flagship of a project and showcase the company to the world through YouTube? Walth Disney was famous for his brilliance, of expressing his emotions in a funny, entertaining, family-friendly manner. His creativity inspired millions and so can you. What most people, don’t know is that you don’t have to be an engineer nor do you need to be born with godlike hands, to create a killer video that makes people crave for mental stimulation. So, present your story, your company, and animate your message enchanted by human imagination, and test every fiber of your audience being, through visual communication.

Animaker is your toolbox, that can enhance your companies’ online presence, by creating a lifetime experience through animation. This is why I believe that you should become the catalyst for the ideas that pop up in your brain, and focus on creating a video, as you will heat up the experience for your audience and give them an emotional punch…

Why a memorable experience is important.


Creativity in its most liquid form have the benefits of leveraging a memorable impression and can potentially lead to boosted brand recognition, as current and new customers will remember all their bodies flashing indicators, as they stomach high volatility trills, every time they recognize your brand, company and the artwork of quality it represents.


A little sidekick…

You could animate your landing page of products, as it would increase the shopping experience, and make all your costumers’ indicators, flashing a clear “buy zone” as they navigate around on your website.

Pricing and What I Would Do

Go to Amazon, Gumroad or to get inspiration on how to find a reasonable price level for your eBook, another thing you could do is to write down the different price levels that looks interesting and then ask on different forums how much they would be willing to pay for an eBook on approximately 130 pages including topics such as science and history. The mentioned is only an example of some of the ways you could pinpoint your price level.

Another thing not to forget is how much influence the price has on the attraction of the product. Even a small change in price from 200 $ to 199 $ makes consumers much more inclined to buy a product.



So this is how I would approach the pricing:  






And understand that you always can lower the price of your product, if you want to make it more attractive.



Public acknowledgment should not be taken likely as it can have a tremendous ripple effect on your business if done right. But in order to capture those moments before you launch your eBook, why not use the opportunity to write down some questions that you can ask friends and People in your immediate network. This way you can get your product reviewed and guide them towards reviewing the questions that could help strengthen your marketing game. But understand, you should always focus on delivering quality, that has value to other people. On top of that, you add the benefits of marketing to create the awareness your product deserves. Just remember to make sure that you do not cross any legislation by doing so if you have any questions about the rules contact a lawyer.


A list of some valid points for using reviews in marketing


free advertising

Another great way customer reviews could benefit your business, is to use people’s comments as the future direction for coming products, as you are able to adjust to the market and create a product that there is a need for.

However, don’t throw you intuition away. You might be right, and even though people are trying to give you feedback to help, you should always stay true to yourself. Otherwise you will be living the life of others, and it will never be truly satisfying. This is why I believe that you should, stay open-minded, listen, evaluate, and implement the things that you can see potential in.

Learn to cope with negative reviews


Have you ever tried looking at the comments on YouTube videos? Every time I find a video on YouTube that includes inspiring content, I always see those comments that are annoying and knows it all, and which are only being submitted out of ignorance or the lack of expertise. This can be very discoursing if you have put up a lot of hard work. But as in all walks of life, there will always be people that have fewer morals, and people who are always negative. Don’t ever let you get shaken out on your dreams because of that, as there will always be disbelievers, just stay true to yourself and continue to push forward. Life tends to reward those who a working hard to grow and be in less favor for the ones, who are not willing to take responsibility for their lives and always complain about other people.

We as human beings have only a limited amount of energy throughout the day. To stay focused, you need to learn how to preserve energy and how to redirect energy towards the main objective as well as always stay hungry.

Being persistent on trying to experiment with different techniques, will change the habits of your thinking and eliminate all unnecessary noise. But remember this is a process, and skills take time to develop. But once mastered, life can become very rewarding.

Getting Recognition Through Value

Rise up when the difficulties aries. Those are the ones who win the prize

Dedication and delivering quality content should always be your first and foremost goal as it is the only way, you can connect with your audience and be recognized as a trusted source of information. But why not make use of the opportunities to brand your company while providing value at the same time? This is a great way to establish your brand and become a “go to” source for those who want valuable information.

As mentioned earlier, eBooks is a great way to do this, as you have the option to insert links into your content. It also makes it easier to stay connected with your audience as you can use the links to guide your readers back to your website to look for additional content your eBook may not have room for. Yet, just to set the record straight, I do think you should ask the third party for permission before you link to their website as you never know if you end up upsetting someone. However, why would they not want more traffic to their website?

Here’s a series of ways you can utilize links in your eBook



And don’t forget that you also have the option to tickle the brain of your readers, through exercises. 

Tools and Exercises For Skill Development

“According to science, living in a world where we are constant bombarded by stimuli, we often seek the easiest and most fluent way of acquiring information, reading can be a slow and time-consuming activity. It takes a lot longer to read a long sentence than to analyze a visual scene..”

One of the great benefits of including tools and exercises is the ability to make them engage with your content in a way that increases the overall experience, and this is precisely what we want. We want our readers to know, that this is “how to use content, not just read it.” But it must be mind-boggling, like if your skeleton wants to jump out of your entire body just to finish your content. You know, that “Wow effect, who wrote this?” If possible, include as many tools, that could help you achieve that goal, and then shake all the tools and exercises into one gigantic box, just to let your readers explore it all through their emotions.

You should always strive after enriching your audience life, in a way that they continue to feel the need to follow your work, just to get their thirst satisfied. So, try to include as much material that helps them keep growing, learning and always stay hungry, without overdoing it.

Some of the material would include, in the belief that it can enrich people’s lives.


Lastly, providing information through learning, increases the professionalism of your content and you as an author.



Before we prepare your eBook for launch, I will try to explain how you can reconnect with your audience using additional features to underline important expressions and meanings, in the hope of their continuous support, and how to take advantage of bonus features to increase the value of your content.

Market Hacks and The Importance Of  Images

Since we have tried to include tools in our eBook for learning purposes, why not move these tools to the back of the eBook and promote them as “Free bonus content.” This has the potential to bring additional value, and the customers will look at the book and see they get this bonus for free. Yes, you know that mind thing, all retail stores does when they tell you to buy X amount and get one for free, why not use those same techniques for your marketing.

And then there is this thing: When you try to explain and underline a point, use images and graphics. This helps the reader understand what you are talking about, and it enhances the appeal of your eBook.


Some of the pros, for including images and graphics if used moderately: 

eBook images

Finally, use only images, that you have permission to use. You can find purchase images at istockphoto

Formatting your document with PDF 
The benefits of PDF 


pdf eBook



Well, those are the primal reasons for recommending  PDF. 

Since you have all found Information about Blockchain on, I do consider PDF as basic knowledge, and hereby a waste of your time if I dwelled too much into the details about converting your word document into a PDF. 

Integrating Automation For Passive Income

I have always believed, that the best way to explain is through examples. 

For those of you who do not know what passive income is, it is basically when you able to earn an income while doing something else.

Passive income gives you the benefit of earning money while pursuing other goals. Or, that’s what we are told.

In reality, it does not work quite like that. Even though the income is passive, you still must do a lot of upfront work without getting paid, and it is wise to keep your business updated by improving and maintaining the quality of your products, so you will not get outdated, at least in the world of online businesses. However, I would much rather do a job like that, than working 9 to 5, as I am able to bring my laptop and work from any part of the world, whenever I feel like it.


To be able to distinguish between the three different types of income look at the basic example below. 


passive income

Now that you can distinguish between the different types of Income let us go back to the automated eBooks.

The cool thing is, that once you have completed all the prework, you can generate an income for years with a minimum of effort. So why wouldn’t you? In the following section, I will show you how easy the setup process can be done, so the customers can purchase your product directly from your website.

However, you also have the option to choose Amazon to market your product, they have some resources that can help you with the automation, but as mentioned earlier, you reduce your potential profit as they force you to sell your product at a certain price point, while they take a bigger slice of the cake. Last, you do not know who your customers are, and this can make it more difficult for you to reach your audience, as Amazon does not provide the list of the customers who purchase your eBook. This means you must do additional work, to capture the email-addresses of your customers. 

Why I emphasize it so much, is because it is an important part of driving traffic to your website, and a major ingredient in marketing new products or to drive traffic back to your website.


Talking about services that can help you manage your eBook, do not miss Gumroad. It is easy to setup and provides great automation for your product.

The list below includes some of my highlights for recommending their service.

book pricing

If you chose to open an account, you simply just upload your product, and Gumroad will give you a code you add to your website. This code gives you the option to choose between adding a button, in which you get redirected to Gumroad or the second option in which, you set up a checkout function directly on your webpage. 

After your customers have completed a purchase, a link will be sent to their email, so they can download your eBook. Gumroad will automatically update your balance, and you will get paid each Friday.

Through text, illustrations, and in-depth guidance, you will develop the skills needed to create your own eBook sales page successfully.

Change The Rules of Thinking

Small Daily Changes, That Could Impact Your Life Forever 


The conventional wisdom, wants you to work until you’re 80, broke and in dying conditions. The unconventional people are those who bend the rules and travel their own road. But to do that, you must diversify away from traditional learning, and develop a thinking pattern that is not taught to the masses.


As strange as it sounds, you must convince your subconscious mind to draw yourself closer towards your dreams, and they will become a reality. Don’t argue. Just do it. I will explain later…


Creating the product on Gumroad

Since your foundations are beginning to take shape, let’s create your product!

The following will show you the process of setting up your product on Gumroad.

A walk-through setup guide that shows you how to sell products on a one-time basis.

step 1)

Click on Products > Add a Product > Digital Product. 

Next, you see three different options

Products: Start to sell.

Subscription: Send ongoing content to your subscribers, such as content from an eBook whenever a new chapter is finished.

Pre-order: Selling products before their release date.

Then give your product a name and a price and click on “choose your files” to upload your eBook.

Click “Next”: “Customize this page” allows you to customize everything, your customer will be seeing. On the image to the right, I have high lightened where you need to insert the information required.


Step 2) 

Upload image

Ideal sizes are a wide.

A rectangle of 670 x 335 pixels, or a tall rectangle of 670 x 500 pixels. 

Or you can upload a YouTube video or an audio file by clicking the link for cover

Describe your product

A description that lets your customer know why they should buy your eBook.

Add more files

If you want to include additional files for your customers, bonuses etc. Stamp PDFs:

An optional feature that adds the purchaser’s email address, so you will be able to see who shared the document, as an effort to reduce being shared online. You can read more at the following link

Step 3)

Preview, Purchase Flow, and Style

Preview: Shows you the product, as your customers will see it.


Purchase Flow:

This enables you to customize the payment settings. Try to experiment with the different options, to see which of the options are more attractive to the customers.


Last, you have the option to customize the color scheme, for your payment form. Should you choose to upgrade to Gumroad’s monthly plan, you can tweak the colors to match your site.

step 4)

When you have saved all your settings, go back to “edit” and press “publish”.


After you have pressed “publish”, go to the “Share” menu and then copy the code offered. Pass this code into the HTML editor on your sales page. As another alternative, you could create a sales button and insert a direct link from your product option on


SETUP Completed!

How To Make A Sales Page That Seduces The Brain

Market Hacks

“Extrinsic motivation is a source of motivation that comes from outside of an individual. It is based on the premise that an external influence can create the desire to accomplish an activity or behavior.”


Some people may buy your eBook without knowing anything about you or your brand but solely based on a simple description of the topic. However, I do believe that you can increase your sales, by building powerful relationships with your audience based on trust. 


As an example, you could create great content on a website within your niche before overwhelming your potential customers, as it would show them the quality they could expect to get, if they chose to buy your products. On top of that, they would be able to see that you strived to create real value, and this would empower substance behind you and your business. That does not go unnoticed. 


Second, you want an audience that knows what you stand for, who you are and which of your products that can help them reach their goals.


Selling is problem-solving

If you have, or ever have had a four-legged friend, you know how far you can get simply by having some treats in your pocket.

This is the same principle: You want your customers to smell all the treats and then get them to buy the product as the final phase. It is like having a road filled with carefully placed treats, drawing them in the right direction, to your goal. This is what you want, and in order to do that, we need to seduce the costumer’s subconscious and conscious mind, so they have an inner battle before rolling over surrendering.


Let us discuss the strategy:

Presenting a problem.


Create eye-catching headlines that open imagination. 


An example:

“Are you always late for work because of public transportation? Never again! Buy this car and get one for free!” Yeah right! As you can see, a problem is presented, and a solution is within reach. It is a straightforward, yet very effective way of marketing and the corporations know it. Even when you think, enough should be enough, people get trapped, now looking at a price label in the next store, “wow discount”. “I can save 10 dollars”. “Gotta get it.”


Therefore, I recommend that you take advantage of people’s curiosity and inner conflict to create “The deal of their life”. Something that they just cannot live without. This is a proven method, and it nails it.



Product equals solution

Second, show your product and present it as the solution. If possible, twist the entire idea and show them all the benefits through examples and why they cannot live without It. You can even use YouTube to make a video description.

Thank You

This is how you reconnect with your readers a final time before they close your eBook. It reminds them that you are human and that you are the person that provided them with immerse content.


A thank you page is the last time you really have your reader’s attention and the last chance you have, to influence your him or her. Take advantage of the situation. 


See if you can, get them back on your website for additional content or offer them more by subscribing to your newsletter, let them know about your products or services such as webinars or memberships. The options are countless. As an example, they could “tell others about your inspiring marketing guide by participating in the chat or share the list of stories from”


Do not forget to tell your customers the amount of time that you have put into creating your eBook, and how much you would appreciate that they do not share it without your permission. 


Instead, add social sharing options linked to your original landing page or sign up page.  

additional, you could insert some reviews of your ebook, this is a sort of indirect rhetorical device, which, put crudely, makes them reconsider the opinion they have shaped through the process of reading. If they like it; they will get more confident about liking it, if they don’t (off course they will); they will reconsider.  


Disclaimer and Copyright Page 


Since the 9th century castles have been built to protect the wise. In today’s world, we use lawyers.

Cover your butt. You do not want people to twist your words, even if it means that you should spend some money on a lawyer.

The Contratian

“Scars Of Wisdom”



Dear Reader, 

There are so many people that claim to be financial gurus or experts for some sort of product or service


What I share is solely based on what I learned while climbing up the ladder from the lowest quality of life. However, you may never sink to that point, but searching for that driving force made me smash through every resistance like a beast.

You need to find that button, that triggers your willpower into a game changer. Do not become the victim of your own mind, instead strive to become a member of the 2 % that get things done, no matter what. Likewise, type of person you will like to make you strategic commitments to, as it will affect the outcome of your life.


I learned: That whatever you pursue in life, always be relentless in achieving your goals, and never give up.



Aim for Excellence: Always try to achieve the highest yield, as you will leapfrog your achievements in whatever task you might put on. Second, over-deliver for yourself, as the mind remembers successful experiences, which helps boost your self-esteem and recharge the energy that you feed on.



Take A Lot of Chances: You need to take chances to grow. Otherwise, you will never be able to live a fulfilled life. Do not restrain your soul, because of fear of the unknown, take many small risks, and gain valuable experience.



Create Luck: Be your own blacksmith and prepare to act on opportunities. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.



Invest in Yourself…


“When the fog grabs a hold and makes life crackle into darkness, you should plant a tree for shelter. Then, when the storm tries to knock on your armored skin, and it’s close to being penetrated, you can fall back to your shelter to protect the biggest asset; YOU.”



Many individuals go through life as they credit external satisfactions, without working on their inner spirit. You need to work on the internal version of you, to achieve the mindset and habits of those, that breath the air of a champion.


Email Marketing

“Your Village is your home”


Spirit Walking


From the early beginning, we talked about the importance of having a foundation and why you should focus on it:


“Planting a tree,” while having the sun in your favor. This will help restructure the habits of your thinking by calming your mind from the dark season, as you navigate through the fog while exploring your dreams.


Second, we talked about the benefits of finding a balance with the “village”, as it is the place for voices to be heard, and where you will be able to adjust, refine and create the solution that is being asked for. However, you could also try to experiment by email.


Having a clear vision of your goals and learning how to maneuver through the fog can become a determining factor for what you can accomplish in life and how colorful your tree’s leaves will become.



Let’s continue the adventure…



How to Create A Killer Email


An email helps you stay in touch with your audience in a cost-efficient manner while promoting your business at the same time, this could potentially lead to a relationship where they help you spread the word about your business, if you in return enrich their life with valuable information, where you become their asset and vice versa. Furthermore, some people might respond to the emails, in which you will be able to optimize the content or products, that they favor, and create solutions to the questions that are being asked, for the benefit of both.

Give your audience an experience that shakes their thinking, and show them information, that creates heart-stopping levels, while you craft your content in a way that draws your readers’ eyeballs towards the highlighted words of yours.



Be different. And present your products with information by crafting how to:




Keep your audience on constant hunger, and always try to get their feelings elevated to the edge, as we shape their facial expressions by using information.



You are the blacksmith of your story, so do not craft with a limited mindset…


The Honest Truth About Email Marketing


Unless you have a product or service that creates a FOMO effect, for the benefit of your audience, I really think it is a bad idea to inject content to the inbox of your followers. This is my own opinion solely, but honestly who does not hate those emails called “Call to action” where companies try to tempt the souls of their followers, by asking them to press a button as they seduce you to view the product of theirs, by showing ridiculous content all over the inbox of your email, which was supposed to be clean and minimalistic. 

Again, you might have a different opinion than me, but I sincerely believe that if you want to get people’s attention, you need to free your mind from that birdcage, and create content or provide a service that ENLIGHTENS the life of your audience which means that you become an ASSET to them. And I only see that happen, if you can provide information or links that are so valuable, that your audience does not dare to unsubscribe, and really want to click on the link you have attached. Always serve your audience first, before thinking about making money.. 

A way you could do this is by implementing special bonuses that will only be available for your subscribers, so the followers of yours that are subscribed to the email list, will get the information up front, and get an additional discount on some of the products you a trying to sell. But again, experiment and do not jail your mind, as you can always adjust the way of advertising to the taste of the customers.

However, doing it the way I suggested, you could potentially build a win/win relationship by providing information of value and hope that they in return will help you spread the information about you and your company to their friends, families and loved ones, etc.

Be The King and Catapult Your Email List

Dear reader,


You, like me, were probably raised through conventional wisdom that has choked our subconscious minds.


As your feet take roots and you begin to stretch and grow as a human, your mind opens to a branch of life, where income-producing assets becomes an objection in an unfold travel.


If you want to become an advancing man, you must learn to “work smart.”


The ability to create value gives you infinite power and a supply of opportunities.


Millions of people with undeniable power have suppressed their life, due to words that came from a poor mouth. When you can engineer the wires, so you can create value build on imagination, the application of those principles is endless, and you will start to walk a path rarely seen.


The moment a person can walk through ages and lift people with his presence and inspire them with his personality, that is when you have grown into a change of character, which independence far outshines any monetary reward, that will break into automation, because you become a leader.


Let us mold these principles into a growth formula, that you could implement into your own life…


The BPCAP formula for the habits of a Win-Win scenario


Brutal Honesty:

If you genuinely want to impact the lives of others for the better, you need to be brutally honest as it is the only way you can build a trustworthy partnership with other people. Second, this is the way to stretch yourself, even if it feels temporarily uncomfortable to you, as reality is the greatest gift no one can lie from. It’s also a habit that helps you improve action, thinking, and end results, as people never forget sincerity.



If you want that golden globe, you must work on the qualities that will release the inner beast and turn every page of you, into a success story of its own.


It took my entire life to figure out how to work around my brain´s habits and code the protocol in favor of the accomplishments I wanted to see for myself. But It can be done, and it’s worth it. You never see a successful quitter, your body has limitations, but your mind does not. So, learn to develop the habits of a champion and the world will be right in front of your doorstep.


Let’s shape the inner being…



Be the person of action which qualities shines through your armored skin, as you smash through every resistance and blow the charts into new territory. You want that mentality that you must succeed in whatever task that is brought to the table.



There are people who have achieved a high level, in what they do in life, but it is rare to see people with grounded attitudes that are pleasing to work with on daily basis. It is important to remember that we all share the world, so be the person with the qualities you would want to embrace.



A tiny minority will get things done no matter what. It is the type of individual that will contribute to a partnership, and this is the type of person you would like to become, because those are the ones that relentlessly strive forward for excellence.


You deserve a life of independence and prosperity, and that is why I suggest a win-win system.


I want to help the RIGHT people prosper in the digital world, and that is why I am willing to share what I have learned. In return I ask you to spread the word about my work to your friends, families, loved ones, etc. and refer them to / as I am doing my best to help you.


Let us move the “Wheel of Fortune.”


The Link of Gold


“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.”

Bo Bennett


Getting a company’s wheels rolling, using one’s creativity, requires a lot of upfront work, research, and endless willpower. But once the work has been completed, you have the potential to earn money in form of lifelong commissions.


If you lack motivation; imagine working 50 years as an employee, where your soul gets liquidated for a paycheck, as you have a job in which you have no real ownership. Now compare this chilling thought with the time and effort you put in your project. Are you motivated now?



Simple affiliate ideas

affiliate marketing

The beauty of the “golden link,” is that you do not have to create your own product to earn a commission, because it is already done.

However, do not forget you run a business, and if you want it to be sustainable and prosperous you need to serve the “village” as it is your audience that is the reason your business has the potential to grow golden leaves. It is the trust between you and the village that is earned, by providing valuable information, and by being their asset and vice versa.

Let’s connect the last pieces of the puzzle…

There are a few things you need to consider besides the fact that the link must be golden to your readers…

Confidence is vital. Promote the product as a gift to the world while you treat it as if it was your child. Present it with care and with an emotional spark, so your readers understand that those links are worth the effort, as they explore your offering.

In other words; you must pay attention to the details. Give them a review worth a medal of honor. The resources page enables me to box all my recommendations into one page, which is a win/win, as it generates income for me while providing value to my audience in an easy, fast, accessible way. We want to ride the tides together

Pretty Link:

Is the WordPress plugin that helps you shorten the links, so they become easier to remember while you can customize the link options. However, it can also become your indicator for keeping tracks on the clicks on each link that you create, as you can view your statistics of the visitors and see which of the links they clicked on.



Putting It All Together “Let’s Connect”

Unconventional Education

Dear reader, 

We are getting closer to the endgame. As you probably figured out by now, this eBook was meant to be a hybrid between learning and personal development, while I promoted SeizeInvest ( through storytelling. I hope it gave you a different view on how you could market your product, as I also hope that you found the tools provided in this eBook useful for your own business.

Before you wake up from this fairy tale, I will count backward from ten, while I present some cues to why I think, you should consider, becoming a member of our community on

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