Make Extra Income Online

Here on we talk about how to make extra Income, start a business, and create side incomes that can help pay the bills. I believe that extra income is easier to earn when you know how, I also believe that an online business can help a person stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Although becoming a trader is a profession that can be highly profitable it’s not easy, it requires a stable mind when you watch your balance swing percentage wise on a daily basis, because it’s all a matter of thinking and unless you are emotional stable it can be challenging to see a large amount of money swing. It requires patience and willingness to do things differently as 80-90% of all traders don’t become profitable.

So, if you want to learn this profession the best thing would be to start with a small amount, just to get the feel of being in a trade and learn never to chase a trade and wait for a signal.

When you’re on the path of frugality, you should try to increase income part-time. You either do this by having a product you can sell, start a blog or choose to work a secondary job that pays in an hourly wage.
Starting a blog requires almost zero cost up front and can be done part-time. It’s also how you create a secondary income that supports living while you make the transition away from your day job. You can create a blog here with the resources I share.  When you choose to sign up, I strongly recommend you read the eBook Online Marketing

Surveys, if you have some time to use, you can fill out surveys to earn rewards. As I mentioned in one of my other posts on The Mark Lloyd, companies make use of surveys to understand buyers’ personas and make more informed business decisions. Survey companies I recommend and include is Swagbucks, Survey Spot, Vip Voice, One Poll, I-Say, Life Points, Harris Poll Online, Panel Opnion, Inbox Pounds, National Consumer Panel

Some of my recommendations acquire surveys to test products, so be honest when you complete the surveys otherwise you increase the odds of getting penalized.

If you chose to fill out surveys while you start an online business you can supplement your income with trading (remember it’s a patience game) then, as you become better and more skilled in the world of investing, you will be able to increase your income from home every year.  Skills is a profession as such you only become better through practice.

Investing allows individuals to compound returns but remember there is never a guarantee. Binance offer a great way and a good solution for traders who see the benefit of volume but be careful with margin trading especially in such a volatile market. You may lose your capital and you don’t want to get liquidated.

mobile games that earn rewards

You can play games an earn extra income. Appkama offers this solution. Skillz is another app that can be used to earn cash. Skillz display several gaming sites that pays you for using their service.

Testing websites

Coming up as a side hustle, User testing pays you to test their products through their reward system, and there are several companies that offer the same solution such as What User Do, User Test, Enroll, Utest, Userfeel, Start Up Lift, Amazon Mechanical Turk – a crowdsourcing marketplace that helps individuals and businesses perform tasks virtually for optimized efficiency while reducing the cost of labor.

You can also create a freelance account on Up Work and display your expertise while starting your blog to gain traction.