One of the most established Cryptocurrency exchange so far is Coinbase. Insured through insurance companies, Coinbase prioritize customer security by covering all funds, should their security gets compromised or hacked. They also store 98 % of all our digital assets in offline hardware wallets, and fiat in US bank accounts (they are insured too)

The verification process is quick and takes approximately 2 minutes.  To verify your account, you simply take a picture with your phone of your passport or drivers license.  Verification is convenient and customers usually gets approved in a relatively short time after the application has been sent. 



What makes traders favor this platform is the ability to manage all exchange accounts and wallets into one interface so you have direct access to multiple accounts every time you wish to enter a trade.

By entering your api keys into the system you enable Coinigy to integrate more than 45 exchanges, providing you with real time data and world class tools for analyzing charts, order execution, price movement and balance tracking.

Coinigy and api use

Api is being used for allowing the platform Coinigy to complete an action on your request such as refreshing balance, cancel orders or set and order.

By connecting Coinigy to the api integration you can use this multi-exchange trading platform to overview all your trading accounts for the best possible price difference.

I highly recommend using Coinigy for your trades as I use it for exchanges which Tradingview doesn’t support

It’s not only a community for published trades, but also for traders who are in a need for a charting platform which user interface, is powerful enough for beginners and advanced chartist. it’s approach to trading, custom studies an in-depth market analysis makes Tradingview an additional alternative to Coinigy which service primarily brand itself as a “all in on platform for digital currency” Trading view can be accessed at any time 24/7 and a being used for discovering investment ideas in all financial markets. As with Coinigy I highly recommend using Tradingview for serious traders.

Trezor has built a handheld device that ads a high level of security by storing your cryptocurrencies offline, second the device is able to sign transactions through the screen manually. this means that even if your computer gets compromised the device keeps your capital secure.

Trezor is compatible with MacOS, Windows and linux and can be used on android devices, their service a versatile and support a whole range of cryptocurrencies.

Just like Trezor the device ads a high level of security by keeping your cryptocurrencies offline.

The Ledger Nano S process data through a system that shields individual apps, ensuring that sensitive information can’t be accessed without your consent. One of several great features associated with the device, is it’s simplicity, ease of use which makes it ideal for people who a new to cryptocurrencies or just getting started, as all actions can be verified on it’s screen and navigated from only two buttons.

While it can be difficult to track your portfolios performance there is one financial tool that helps track and analyze trades more convenient. With real time reports Cointracking enables Api import, personal analysis as well as list of all trades and fees without the headaches that comes from addressing all the data manually on a excel spreadsheet.

With a complete overview of your portfolio, you can monitor all markets and accounts from one platform. Bringing data together increases your success rate for optimizing performance. Learn hos this service may be of resources to you.