Swagbucks: Swagbucks is a survey website where you can take surveys and get paid either in cash or in gift cards. The surveys are not time-consuming and it is a great way to earn some money on the side during your free time. I’ve personally been using Swagbucks for years and I highly recommended it. If you’re interested, you can create your free account here.

Republic Wireless: I am very happy using the service Republic Wireless offers. The company offers various monthly cell phone plans at cheaper prices than other companies. For example, with my plan, I only pay $15 per month. Using Republic Wireless is a great way to save up on bills. You can save more than $2000 per year! Why not check it out?

Airbnb: I love traveling and feeling comfortable: having a kitchen, living in a nice house and feel like I am on holiday, not having to worry about breakfast times or other hotel-related nuisances. Airbnb allows me to travel and get to vacation homes, which for me is the best way to travel. Also, usually staying in an Airbnb is cheaper than a hotel room, which makes it even better. Furthermore, if you’re going with a group of friends or you have a big family Airbnb is a great way to spend some quality time all together. Are you planning your next holiday? Click here!

Ebates: Do you shop online? Then you should sign up for Ebates, a website that allows you to earn free cash when purchasing online. You don’t have to do anything different. You just have to shop online, as usual, only you’ll have to do it through the Ebates page. Because the website earns a commission when you click on a store on their page, they can pay you back a part of it. You won’t lose anything by trying, it’s a win-win! Additionally, if you use this link to sign up, you will automatically receive 10 dollars.

$5 Meal Plan: How many people are struggling with cutting expenses? I love eating out and since when I discovered about $5 Meal plan I have significantly cut the money I spend on food. The service costs $5 per month and is about getting meal plans and a detailed shopping list to create the meals. The meals are designed to be affordable and are easy to make. I’m still eating out from time to time, but a lot less because I know what to cook!

Pinecone Research: With Pinecone, you get paid completing surveys. Not only that, they will send you some free products to review from time to time. I’ve been using it for some time and I can guarantee that is a legitimate website that can allow you to earn a bit of money during your free time, from the comfort of your home. You can sign up for Pinecone Research by clicking here.

American Consumer Opinion: American Consumer Opinion is yet another company paying for surveys online. You’ll get money for each survey you complete and I highly recommend using it. Completing surveys is one of those things you can do when you have some free time, and even by assigning 20 minutes a day, at the end of the months, you’ll be able to generate a good amount of money. You can sign up for American Consumer Opinion here.

REI: REI I love shopping in REI, I would say it is one of my favorite websites! I am passionate about hiking and outdoor activities and in REI I always find high-quality shoes, clothing, climbing gear and more. The customer service is amazing. If you’re stuck in your purchase or you simply need some help, you can simply ask customer service and an expert will help you find the best product for you. Is that interesting for you? Start shopping at REI here.

Policy Genius:  Are you struggling to find good life insurance? Policy Genius is worth to check out. I made my process of getting life insurance a lot easier. In just five minutes you can get a quote and compare policies to chose what best suits your needs. I highly recommend it, because I know how stressful it can get to have your life-insurance and to me, the service Policy Genius offers was a great relief.

Gabi: Makes it easier to get a car or home insurance. The company provides you some comparisons, allowing you to make the best decision and save some money. You can just send your current insurance and they will compare it with other similar insurance and give you some quotes. You don’t have to pay anything or fill out some time-consuming paperwork. Check it out here.