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If you seek a partnership for a good business opportunity or if you have any questions, send me a mail or tweet! Just say HI, and I will do my best to answer. But please be patient with me, I get a lot of mails and will respond to all of them as soon as I’m able to.



I Need Help To...

Please read the FAQ’s – if you ask of any of the things below this will be my answers

How do I get started with SeizeInvest Community?

Under the menu “Community” you will be asked to fill an application form. We do this to be able to provide a better service for our members and to ensure that those who apply to SeizeInvest Community are serious about being here. We are friendly and open-minded people who seek good business relationships.

Mark, I’ve got skill and a great business idea would you like to partner up?

 I partner in the following ways, but I appreciated that you are thinking about me:

1, With accredited investors who wish to invest passively In multifamily properties
2. In partnerships and business alliances that can help one another.

If you seek partners for anything else, send me a request to join the community – we are here to help each other.

I would like to start my own online business

Great! If that’s the case I have shared an eBook I wrote, with resources and how-to content. You can find it on SeizeInvest under the menu – 
Online Marketing.

What Is Blockchain / Digital Currency Investing

I have met a lot of people who are serious crypto / digital currency traders that get in to it because of the volatility. But even though Digital currency investing is high risk speculative assets, there are some really great technologies in between and clever people working on blockchain projects as well.  Learning about disruptive technology may be a wise thing to do in the long run.