Genesis/Studio Press: Having a blog is one thing, but having a well-designed blog is another story. I use Studio Press for my blog and I would highly recommend it. Not only it is affordable but it is also simple to use and it offers a great service. I was able to see a big difference in the design in my blog, which I like a lot better now. No wonder Genesis has become such a popular tool for blog design.

Tailwind: Tailwind is a relatively new company that allows you to schedule Pinterest pins and check the analytics to see what works and what doesn’t work with your strategy. I couldn’t be more happy to use it since it is helping me to save so much time while growing my blog with a lot less effort than before when I was doing everything manually. I highly recommend Tailwind, I think it is a great management tool when it comes to blogging.

PicMonkey: I am used to editing most of the pictures I use for my blog. I love the features and usability of PicMonkey. Furthermore, I find it very affordable. The monthly membership only costs $2.75 per month and allows you to do some great editing. There is a big difference between edited photos and non-edited ones, and using PicMonkey also helped me improve in that area. Not only that. PicMonkey is great because if you create good pictures, you’ll be able to increase your audience and reach new readers through Pinterest and Facebook.

99 Designs: You can find everything for website design at 99 Designs. From graphic design to header images, you’ll find it all. I use it regularly and I am very happy with the service I get.

Freshbooks: I use Freshbooks for my small business. It is great with tracking my income and sending invoices. I love the fact that I can pay only $0.50 for a PayPal transaction through FreshBooks instead of the basic 2% to 6% that is charged if you don’t use the software service. I find it highly valuable for helping me save money at the end of the month.

Inmotion hosting: has a wide range of different plans depending on your needs. – with no extra “hidden costs.”

An extensive list of plans are offered to hobby bloggers and large business with complex hosting needs. The price at Inmotion hosting, for a serious WP plan with room for expansion is around 150$ for a year of 270 for 2 years. Notice that you pay pr. year.

For comparison; if you chose a similar plan at Bluehost and choose to pay for a single month, the price is around 70$. If you commit to a year the price is 50$ a month or 600$ in total.

I recommend Inmotion out of experience and the customer service I received. Read How To Start A Blog On Inmotion Hosting

Convertkit: If you truly want to scale your business, Convertkit leads the solution for email marketers who wish to automate personal emails for their readers and build trustworthy relationships. For any business keeping track of growth -understanding subscribers can help increase the data provided as you will be able to target your potential customers in accordance to their location interests and tailor the production while you send them emails that converts to sale.

Basically if you can increase productivity and reach more people the output of your efforts becomes more effective and everything that helps build your business and grow revenue, should be a product worth the purchase.

Leadpages: Building a landing page, for product presentation can be challenging if you do not persist technical skills and have the patient to learn how to code, but with Leadpages you simply customize the professional landing page with a drag and drop function, making it easier than ever.

With a clean design and prebuilt templates, the simplicity and ease of use means that you can launch a landing in 10 min. Click here!

Screenflow: As for editing videos and audio capturing, the screencasting and video editing software from telestream, helps marketers, educators and even all who wish to polish videos or make tutorials – home recordings to professional videos.

For professional editing the software requires MAC operating systems and you are able to use features that makes record through a IOS device, available. Click here!

LongTailPro: LongTailPro is the best desktop tool for making keywords rank higher in google is Longtail pro. To make sure that your website generates the right kind of traffic, it’s important for business owners to understand that finding keywords, that has low competition and can be competitive, can become the denominator for a website performance, and how well it ranks in search engines.

One of the features of the desktop tool is the ability to input keywords and make the database assist you in exploring opportunities, providing you with access to all information for optimizing content strategy.